About IWS

Industrial waste water treatment from a range of industries

At Industrial Water Solutions (formerly RGS Nordic Water Solutions) we are specialists in cleaning and recovering industrial waste water and operate one of the world’s most advanced biological waste water treatment plants for the purpose in Stigsnæs, Denmark. Since 1989, we have served the Scandinavian offshore industry and a range of domestic Danish industries. We have purified more than  5,000,000 tons of wastewater and have a yearly capacity of up to 600,000 tons.

We receive parcel deliveries from 30 to 70,000 tons, made possible by the considerable and scalable reception storage facilities we have in place. Our logistic structure allows for delivery of industrial waste water by sea through oil and product tankers as well as road deliveries by truck. 

Biological waste water treatment is considered the most environmentally friendly form of treatment on the market today – our water treatment plant emits 30 times less CO2 than industrial waste water treatment using incineration. We represent Best Available Technology (BAT) and clean waste water from industries within e.g. pharma, oil and airports with over 95% efficiency.

Industrial companies in Denmark and around the Europe produce significant quantities of industrial waste water as part of their processes. Depending on the industry it comes from, the waste water contains different harmful substances for which the water must be effectively cleaned before it can be returned to the natural cycle. It is precisely this cleaning task that Industrial Water Solutions are specialists in. We receive industrial waste water from many different industries, including from socially critical functions such as the pharmaceutical industry, infrastructure facilities and energy production.

Our high efficiency in termt of waste water cleaning, treatment and recovery means that industrial companies can safely dispose of their polluted waste water and maintain their important functions in society. This while society can be sure that the industrial waste water is cleaned in an optimal way based on the best available technology we have today (Best Available Technology – BAT).

We recover and reuse valuable resources from industrial waste water

In addition to cleaning industrial waste water extremely efficiently, we are also able to extract useful resources from the water – resources that can be reused in society. An example of this is waste water from the oil industry, where we are able to extract the residual oil from the waste water for further use in society.

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