Concerning provisional decisions on import licences

Industrial Water Solutions har d. 16/11-23 modtaget aktskrivelser fra Miljøstyrelsen vedrørende to importtilladelser af olieholdigt spildevand.

Vi vil nu behandle og kommentere på de påtænkte afgørelser.

Our recovery and water treatment plant is internationally unique for its cleaning efficiency and ability to treat various types of industrial wastewater, including oily wastewater. We specialize in handling waste substances in wastewater, boasting over 25 years of experience in efficiently purifying wastewater for both Danish and international companies. We utilize the best available technology for this purpose.

Across the EU, achieving the highest possible purification of industrial wastewater is a cornerstone for a healthier, cleaner, and more vibrant marine environment in Denmark and our neighboring countries Therefore, it is crucial that we continue the constructive cooperation on future imports of industrial wastewater that can meet the requirements of the new administrative basis, says CEO of Industrial Water Solutions, Jan Glerup.

IWS, Sustainability
4. January 2024
TIme 12:00

On 4th January 2024, Industrial Water Solutions received the inspection report from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency regarding our waste water treatment plant in Stigsnæs.

12. December 2023
TIme 12:00

Industrial Water Solutions 11th December 2023 received the final decision from the Danish EPA declaring our two import licenses for Norwegian oily waste water invalid.

Facility news
27. November 2023
TIme 12:00

At Industrial Water Solutions’ waste water treatment and recovery plant in Stigsnæs, ships regularly arrive with industrial waste water for recovery and treatment.