Regarding the cancellation of import licences for Norwegian oily waste water

Industrial Water Solutions 11th December 2023 received the final decision from the Danish EPA declaring our two import licenses for Norwegian oily waste water invalid.

Here is our official reaction to the statement:

“The decision to cancel our two notifications for the import of oily waste water from Norway was expected, seen in the light of the Danish EPA’s changed administrative basis. We take note of the decision, and will now focus our efforts in Industrial Water Solutions on servicing the Danish market for cleaning industrial waste water, where we are currently experiencing an increasing demand. At the same time, we continue to serve customers internationally under the new framework conditions”, says IWS CEO Jan Glerup.

19. January 2024
Time 10:09

In recent days, several different Danish media have written about four import permits, also called notifications. These permits, however, do not import of oily waste water from Norway, as otherwise stated.

4. January 2024
Time 12:00

On 4th January 2024, Industrial Water Solutions received the inspection report from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency regarding our waste water treatment plant in Stigsnæs.

17. November 2023
Time 12:00

Industrial Water Solutions har d. 16/11-23 modtaget aktskrivelser fra Miljøstyrelsen vedrørende to importtilladelser af olieholdigt spildevand.